Pennsylvania Marten Restoration Project 


Mission Statement

We are a grassroots movement that promotes and supports the reintroduction of the American marten to Pennsylvania's forests to create a more diverse and sustainable ecosystem. Through education, support, and conservation advocacy, we hope to create a future where the American marten is once again a symbol of our state's rich biodiversity.

An American Marten (Martes americana) takes a second to pose for the camera (Google Images)

The History of the American Marten in Pennsylvania

The American marten, also known as the pine marten, once inhabited the forests of Pennsylvania in the northwest and north central regions. This native species was lost through deforestation and unregulated harvest between 1650- 1920. Martens are omnivores, with a preference for small mammals such as shrews and voles but also consumes berries, insects, and reptiles. The turkey has not been identified within diet research for the marten. A variety of indigenous peoples view the marten with special significance as it represents groups or ‘clans’ and is told in legends. The marten is a flagship species, creating biodiversity through seed dispersal and rodent management.

Pennsylvania Game Commission: A Wilderness Icon (PGC Youtube)